Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let's Talk Glee!

First, let me say that I consider myself a Gleek.
Second, I was disturbed by the direction of last night's depiction of domestic violence.

I think Alyssa Rosenberg writes very intelligently and provocatively about this and other issues with the show's depiction of characters in crisis in her recent article, ‘Glee’ Is an Immoral Television Show and It’s Time to Stop Watching It. I know it is easier to critique the things we don't like, but I believe it is often most important to interrogate what we do. Murphy is doing a lot of really interesting, really positive things with this show, but he and his writers are not perfect. We shouldn't gloss over their shortcomings just because we are all so excited to see two cheerleaders making out.

I'm really curious about what you all think of the show. And, in particular, I am curious about your reactions to the Coach Bieste storyline. Does Glee exploit the oppressed? Is it distracting and manipulating us with its portrayal of trauma?

Share your thoughts, readers! Let's talk Glee.

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  1. I loved Glee. I loved it campery and ridiculousness. But I guess that's not enough to carry it through three seasons. The article you posted is spot on, and it highlights the carelessness of the writing. It ultimately feels like Murphy has spread himself too thin with such as large cast. He ends up dipping in and out of their 'trauma of the week' much like a medical procedural, yet he uses members of the loved ensemble cast, not some walk in extra. So yes, he's exploiting serious issues and using characters we actually care about to do so.

    Regardless, I can't seem to turn it off. Santana. Kurt in gold lame pants. Show tunes. Santana. Jane Lynch. Brittany's one liners. And Santana.